Monday, January 24, 2011

not baked: black bean soup

i don't know about everyone else, but here in michigan it is freezing and this treacherous mixture of wet snow and sticky ice won't stop falling from the sky. the only reasonable answer to "what's for dinner?" is therefore "soup," especially because black beans are my mom's favorite and make me feel extra home-y. plus, they're high in protein & fiber, which my diet is constantly lacking - it's win, win!

for your time, here's a fun fact about me: i am a picky eater, as you may know by now, and have major issues with texture. you can go ahead and roll your eyes now, i know it's weird. i cannot stand the texture of beans, along with several other foods, but actually do like the taste. the solution to this problem? my immersion blender. it takes those weird mushy capsules and turns them into a gorgeous puree.

ps: i promise not to make posting an every day thing, but now that i've gotten back on the photography horse i can't stop taking photos. this is a good thing for me, but could turn into an annoying thing for you out there in internet-land. i'm sure i'll slow down soon!


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