Friday, May 6, 2011

marbled sugar cookies

as i type, right around 63% of my life is in boxes. the remaining 37% is mostly a combination of shoes and baking supplies. if i were a math person i would come up with some kind of equation or pie chart to determine the length of time something spends in a box (let's say y) as directly correlated to my need to use it on a daily basis (should this be x? z? something squared?).

can you tell i was more of an arts & humanities girl?

in an attempt to use up some of the flour and sugar i have before we move next week, i decided to make a batch of marbled cookies. my co-worker has the most adorable baby on planet earth (seriously, i'm not even a baby person!) who is turning one on saturday and i was recruited to make the desserts for the party.

the party is spring garden themed so i ended up making a batch of butterflies cookies and a batch of "a" and "n" cookies (featured above!), which conveniently spell out the baby's name. i'm honestly not sure if i would have the patience to spell out a name with more than two letters, but you could always go the initials route!

i apologize in advance for there not being any new recipes until next week when i finally get to half-unpack. i may try to coerce my very talented sister to do another guest post since her last one was so popular!

as always, thank you for reading & happy baking!



  1. Please tell me these will be available for mail-order in the near future. So beautiful!!

  2. @Amy Milligan

    you win the fastest ever comment award!!

  3. ay amanda i love your posts :) these are so pretty! im ecxited for the recipe- tho this may be one i dont try, since i really am not a baker... i jus pretend i am one.

    so i FINALLY am home on summer break from college... meaning i have a full kitchen at my disposal. Startng today im going to go through your recipes that i've been saving and im going to make them. :)

    starting with your sister's cookies (brother's requst on my end). I'll let you know how my baking goes these next few days. good luck again with the boxes and for once you move- good luck with the unpacking =/.

  4. @Amanda

    thank you thank you!!

    you've got to let me know which recipes end up being successes and which ones need more tweaking - i want to make sure they're as good as they can be.

    and my sister's cookies will make you never want to pick up a chip's ahoy again. your brother has good taste.

    thank you again for being such a loyal reader & wonderful commenter. i'll be back in full force one this moving business is over with.